A Little History of The Belgian Boomerang Association

Welcome to the Boomerang Association of Belgium, our beloved country in the centre of Europe.

As you notice in the upper right corner, Froggy the mta-throwing frog is our mascotte and with reason: Belgium is a country where it rains quite a lot. As I type this (Summer has just begone), it is raining like hell. So when we actually do have a few days of sunshine, nothing in the world will stop us from throwing those little curved pieces of wood…

Here’s a list of Belgian boomerang activity as recorded in Georgi’s ‘Boomerang Puzzle‘:

  • 1986: Yves Simonson is the first Belgian to participate in a boomerang tournament (the 4th US National Championship).
  • 1988: several Belgians participate in the ‘4th International Boomerang Days’ in Bievus/Paris – France, organized by Jacques Thomas.
  • 1989: ‘Gent Boomerang Club’ is founded by Patrick Mestdag & Hubert Foulon. They publish the ‘Come Back Bulletin’ newsletter.
  • 1989: ‘Brussels Boomerang Association’ (also BBA!) aka. Bulldog Boomerang Team is founded by Daniel Luycx.
  • 1990: first Belgian Super Catch succeeded by Alain Mangin, 4 years after Ted Bailey’s first ever Super Catch.
  • 1992: several Belgians participate in Pico’s ‘International Indoor Tournament’ in Troyes – France.
  • 1992: ‘Belgian Championships’ are organized in Nieuwpoort (North Sea beach) by Hubert Foulon. German thrower Oli Rau takes first place.
  • 1992: several Belgians participate in the ‘4th World Boomerang Championship’ in Hamburg – Germany.
  • 1998: Hubert Foulon decides to officially close his shrinking ‘Gent Boomerang Club’.
  • 2020: Ted Bailey has published an article of the current available best boomerangs on the marketplace’.

Former members still throw on a weekly basis in the ‘Story Park’, the only place with ‘bar on the field’ as Patrick Mestdag calls it. No tournaments though.

The Boomerang Puzzle has no traces of Belgian boomerang activity between ’92 and ’98. There were some tournaments in Gent and indoor tournaments in Braine l’Alleud, but that’s about it.

Like most countries Belgium also got hit by the boomerang rage in the mid-eighties, but it did not last. When boomerang clubs in surrounding countries were ‘booming’ again, our sport (almost) completely died out in Belgium.

But luckily a few survived the crash …

In ’98, Joey, Peter & Herman finally met after intense email communication. They decide to start throwing together on a regular basis and attend tournaments together as well.

Peter kindly provides web-space through his software company and… here we are with a reborn Belgian Boomerang Association!